Monday Percolator – 30 April

Links this week, friends!

Eating Solo: A dozen tips to make it easy on The Huffington Post: This is definitely on my life of to-dos this year. Have you ever dined solo? What was your experience?

Fact or Fiction – Childfree couples are happier than couples with children¬†on Psychology Today: I’m always on the fence about children in my future (leaning more often toward no than yes). This article gives us some interesting insight into why parenting is not all it’s cracked up to be, and it might not be the choice for everyone.

Turning 30″ 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know on Huffington Post: Ooooh, I need to work on some of these this year….

10 Ways to improve your writing on PR Daily: Most of these are common sense but we all need a refresher once in a while.

Le Petite Pear: My friend Sam started a new fashion blog. She has great style (lives in NYC, duh), and she’s a great writer and shopper! Check her out!

5 Manifestos for the Creative Life on Brain Pickings: Such a fabulous collection of how you can lead a more creative life. I love all of them. Which one is your favourite?

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4 thoughts on “Monday Percolator – 30 April

  1. Dining solo is my favorite kind of dining! As much as I love going out to eat with friends, I have to admit that my favorite way to dine is to go out on my own, be seated at the bar area of a nice restaurant, and be taken care of by the chef. No menu, just feed me.

    The best meals I’ve had were experienced that way. I feel like the service is more attentive when you’re dining solo (at a nice place) and the chef takes more care for your food. Plus, I enjoy the tastes and textures and experience so much more.

    I highly recommend it; I try to do it often!

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