Monday Percolator – 9 April

Link Time!

20 Phrases you can replace with one word on PR Daily: Take Note, PR folks, or pretty much anyone writing!

If You Want My Advice….: A really cool tumblr blog that encourages people to use one phrase to sum up how they lead their lives.

How to be creative: The science of genius on Mashable: Fantastic article on the new science of creativity. I especially like the part about how brainstorming doesn’t work – I have long believed this. If you’ve ever sat through a facilitated session, you’ll know!

6 ways successful people stand out on Some of these seem really obvious e.g. work hard. I liked the one about showing your personal side. I’m good at compartmentalizing so that my colleagues and clients know little about my personal life. It’s striking that balance that is difficult. Which one appeals the most to you?

The top 29 reasons why it’s okay to creepily stare at women’s butts on Jezebel: My friend Liz brought this gem to my attention. ┬áLindy West is a hilarious writer, and she points out some very good – and very funny – flaws in Ian Brown’s G&M article of last week. Such a good laugh!

Setting Boundaries and Saying No Nicely on The 99 Percent: My first instance is always to say no, then sort myself out before I say yes. However, when I feel passionate about something, I find it hard to say no. This article gives you some great ideas on how to make that work for you without being seen as crabby. Hey, you have to set boundaries!

The Essential Skill on Wise Living: This is such a timely article, because this is something I struggle with. I think we struggle with it as Canadians to be honest. It’s something we do to be polite, and as a consideration, but it is code language. I know I need to be more direct with my language. How about you?

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