Monday Percolator – 20 February

Links this week!

How Consulting Fueled My Success as an Agency Owner on The Agency Post: I have known of Caitlin McCabe through Brazen Careerist for a while now. She offers some great tips if you’re thinking of striking out on your own.

A Girlfriend’s Career Advice Love it or Leave it on Everyday Bright:  Pretty good philosophy on most things I think.

How Personality Impacts Job Satisfaction on The Skool of Life: This neat little infographic will tell you what personality type you are. You can take the test at if you don’t know your MBTI results. I’m an INTJ (or a Mastermind). What are you?

15 Smart and Fun Blogs that Will Inspire You All Day Long on Brazen Careerist: This is a new-ish list. I know some of these folks. Others I’ve just discovered (like Cordelia Calls it Quits – great blog!).  Check these out. Which are your favourites? Any you would add?

Is Urban Loneliness a Myth in NY Mag: Great (slightly lengthy) article on loneliness in cities with a focus on NYC. I particularly like the paradigm of living alone as a rite of passage signifying financial independence.  Read on for some interesting studies!

Anatomy of a Tear-Jerker on WSJ: Great article on why some songs invoke such strong emotions in us. This one uses Adele’s “Someone Like You” as an example. My personal poison in “Fix You” by Coldplay. I think it contains some of the same characteristics. Great to know it’s physiological and that I’m not just a sopping mess.

Get a Life, and Get Out of the Office on G&M: Great article on the benefits of getting a life outside of Workahol.  I like work just like most of us do, but this article rightly points out the advantage of amassing experiences to remain creative in the workplace. Freelancers, this applies to us too!

Why Social Change is Good for Business on Forbes: If we put aside the issues of good-washing, social change and CSR initiatives can be great not only for the bottom line, but also for innovation.

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