Monday Percolator – January 23

Today’s Monday Percolator, featuring all kinds of fun things on leadership and opportunity!

Multicultural Leadership Starts from Within by Evan Soo (HBR) – Great article on the mindset of organizations in trying to navigate a diverse workforce and various types of work arrangements.

Don’t be Reckless with Other People’s Hearts, Don’t Put Up with People Who are Reckless with Yours – Awesome post written by Katherine on her blog Living the Expat Life.  It’s all about the vulnerabilities issue – something close to my heart, and something I’m working on too.  I can relate.

Access to Access by Seth Godin – It’s the daily struggle, isn’t it? We have all these resources but we need to get over ourselves in order to use them.  Awesome perspective in this one.

From Unemployed to Self-Employed in a Weekend: Making Money on Monday – fellow blogger, Jen Gresham writes wonderful things on her blog  I loved this post – it’s about mindset.

A Place to Lay My Heart by Elisabeth Eaves in NY Times:  I struggle with the idea of staying rooted and leaving.  My favourite line: Love can be narcissistic in that we often fall for a person in whom we see ourselves.

Proofreaders’ Marks: Thank you Merriam-Webster!  I need the reminder once in a while.  Perhaps you do too.

Is Success Genetic? When Power Women Come in Pairs:  I think Jenna Goudreau is the bomb.  This article totally makes sense.  I have a sister who is super-accomplished, and we carry on as we do.  Have you seen similar patterns in your or other families?

My 52 Mistakes by Kathy Caprino: Great post about the mistakes we all – men and women make in our careers, and the impact that it has on our lives.  Great blog in the “you are not alone” category!

How to Raise the Anti-Bully by Craig and Mark Keilburger (Free the Children): Bullying was such a huge problem when I was younger – I was often a target – and I wish that this much attention had been paid to it when it affected my generation. Better late than never.  How to talk compassion into your kids.

35 Magnum Photographers Give Their Advice to Aspiring Photographers:  This is such a great article, not only for photographers, but for the rest of us.  Seems that following your instincts, learning your craft, doing what you love are universal pieces of career advice!  Also check out the portfolios of Steve McCurry (you’ll see his iconic NatGeo photo.  He’s amazing at capturing expression in eyes) and Martine Franck.

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