Monday Percolator – January 9

Hello All,

In an effort to offer something for the “more resources please” crowd, I’m going to offer up a few links every Monday that will hopefully get your neurons dancing a bit more.  I’m starting out small, but hopefully it’ll grow as I continue to find more interesting links on the ‘net.  Here goes!

28 Ways to Stop Complicating Your Life by Marc and Angel – This blog is quickly becoming a favourite.  Sometimes it’s a little bit woo-woo for me, but they offer some basic truths, easily implementable that would likely make everyone’s lives just that much better.  I’m working on number 21.

Building Effective Teams in Emerging Markets on the HBR Blog Network – I’m a big fan of the Harvard Business Review’s blog network. This article about how to create working teams in emerging markets highlights the importance to picking up on community strengths that are pre-existing.

Tourism and the Climate Change Challenge on Carbon Talks – This is a cool local initiative up at SFU.  This week, a really interesting blog by Joe Kelly on how climate change will affect tourism.  Vancouver relies substantially on tourism dollars, so this article is quite apt for our community.

Three Ways to Use Pinterest for Business on SpinSucks – Possibly the biggest timesuck since Facebook, Pinterest is a neat website where people can share their ideas on, well, pretty things – it is essentially an online vision board/scrapbook.  Now we can use it for business! Hah! Told you I wasn’t wasting time!

Do Vancouver Men Suck? in Vancouver Magazine – This article had us all abuzz last week on social media.  I plan on writing something related in a few days.  But have a look and see what you think.

That’s all for today!  If you have any interesting tidbits to share, please do!

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