On Work Ethic (or Let’s Just Get This Over With)

Current Mood:  I’m actually in a good mood, despite having been working for 4 hours

Current song: the title song from Leela.  God, I love that movie.

There are few phrases that I hear more than wow, you are a really hard worker and how do you stay so motivated?  and you really know how to get things done.

Today, I reveal to you the truth:  I just want to go and have some fun.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Now, I’m not saying I’m not a hard worker, or that I’m not motivated to get things done.  I usually am.  And for those who might know me in real life, there are days where I don’t emerge to see the sun.  I always try to make my deadlines, and I’m kind of a big bossy-pants.

The flipside of it all is that I want to get things over with.  I want to finish doing the hard stuff, I want to finish the crap I don’t like to do so I can do the stuff I do want to do, so I can go relax and have some fun.

My work ethic is largely driven by my aversion to worry and lack of preparation.  I would rather just do it all now so I don’t have to think about it.  Now this can all result in some very frayed nerves at really hectic times, but for the most part it keeps me on track.

I’m not saying it’s right.  I’m saying it works.  Work now, so you can play later.  Nobody wants to come back from a day out with friends to a pile of paperwork, do they?

What drives your work ethic?

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